Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raw Honey Lemonade - Morning Glory!

Here is a wonderful way to begin your morning! To cleanse, clear the body of mucous and waste, to improve stomach acid and digestion. It is simple. It is refreshing. It tastes good!

1 tsp. Really Raw Honey
1 lemon - put through the juicer, as in a Champion or Jack La Lanne Juicer. Remove the outer portion of the lemon, or "peel it" then run the rest of it through the juicer.
8 ounces water
3 ice cubes

Place ingredients in Vitamix (preferred) or blender. Blend for 30 seconds. Enjoy!

Benefits of your Raw Honey Lemonade:

- Alkalinize your body.
- Improve your production of stomach acid.
- True raw honey does not promote the growth of fungus and yeasts the way other sugar and processed honey tends to.
- Really raw honey contains the bee pollen and the propolis - two highly treasured superfood supplements rich in amino acids.
- Honey contains fatty acids that stimulates peristalsis, the movement in the digestive tract.
- Lemon juice is an amazing internal cleanser and helps to mineralize your body.

Beginning your day with this drink will give you energy and boost the cleansing and assimilation cycle that your body is naturally going through at this time.

For more information on the product that I use in this recipe, go to

Product review: I have tasted almost no other honey like Really Raw Honey. After all the craze about agave in the raw food world, I am now suspecting that this sweetener is not all that it has been promoted to be. There are reports that the increased production of agave has caused unscrupulous companies to add high fructose corn syrup or process in such a way that the fructose % is increased, and this is not a positive change. So, I am tending to recommend honey more and more.

When you taste Really Raw Honey, or even smell it, you will think that you died and want to Honey Heaven! I feel like this really puts to shame the honey that I consumed most of my life. There is an incredible top layer that is beautiful to look at. It is described as "crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen and propolis that speckle the top in hues of brown, gold and amber." Remember that bee pollen and propolis are highly nutritious superfoods. They are rich in a full array of amino. They also supply a great deal of energy, and promote longevity.

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