Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Women Go Raw!

Women’s Health In the U.S. Today:
1 in 3 women will get breast cancer.
250,000 women will die of heart disease.
10 million women are living with Diabetes Type II.
2.1 million women of child-bearing age are infertile.

What real cure are we racing towards?
Is there a way for women to not only live in the absence of disease, but also experience vibrant, optimal health?
Can a raw vegan diet really make a difference?
How have thousands of women in this country already changed their health and their lives by eating a raw food diet?

Let’s explore the power of possibility!
Starting in September, a physician will explore these questions…
Dr. Ariel Policano, naturopathic physician will be researching the impact that a raw food diet can have on a woman’s health by traveling and speaking with women all over this country!
Scheduled interviews include women who have:
Lost up to 200 hundred of pounds of weight.
Reversed Diabetes Type 2.
Ended a lifelong battle with depression.
Healed from a life threatening illness.
Regained their sense of purpose, creativity and joy in the world!

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Learn how easy it is to get started with raw foods…

Embrace the fastest, most powerful way to change your health…

This Fall…Women Go Raw!