Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Women Go Raw!

Women’s Health In the U.S. Today:
1 in 3 women will get breast cancer.
250,000 women will die of heart disease.
10 million women are living with Diabetes Type II.
2.1 million women of child-bearing age are infertile.

What real cure are we racing towards?
Is there a way for women to not only live in the absence of disease, but also experience vibrant, optimal health?
Can a raw vegan diet really make a difference?
How have thousands of women in this country already changed their health and their lives by eating a raw food diet?

Let’s explore the power of possibility!
Starting in September, a physician will explore these questions…
Dr. Ariel Policano, naturopathic physician will be researching the impact that a raw food diet can have on a woman’s health by traveling and speaking with women all over this country!
Scheduled interviews include women who have:
Lost up to 200 hundred of pounds of weight.
Reversed Diabetes Type 2.
Ended a lifelong battle with depression.
Healed from a life threatening illness.
Regained their sense of purpose, creativity and joy in the world!

Join the fun! Watch our daily video blogs! Host an event!

Learn how easy it is to get started with raw foods…

Embrace the fastest, most powerful way to change your health…

This Fall…Women Go Raw!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Minutes to Raw Dessert!

My assistant and I were moving through some projects when that 90 minutes of Bikram yoga and no lunch finally hit me...I grabbed the food processor and the fastest, closest ingredients:

1 cup almonds, soaked
3 mejool dates, pitted
1/2 tsp lacuma powder
1/2 tsp organic vanilla extract
dash of himalayan sea salt
1 tsp raw chocolate
1 Tbsp goji berries

Add almonds and dates to the food processor. Give them about 30 seconds...add the rest of the ingredients...about 30 seconds - 1 minute. Roll ingredents into small balls or bars...if you have shredded coconut...roll them in it. Back to work/play in no time. Delicious and the perfect mid-afternoon energizer!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

100% Raw! 100% Joy!

Yours truly, the Live Food Doctor, has been anywhere between 50-80% raw for well over 10 years. But now I have been sustaining 100% raw quite easily. There are a few tweaks that have made this possible. The #1 reason that I believe it has been so easy has been the addition of enzymes to my raw plan. I am now taking about 5 Multiple Digestive Enzymes ( 3 times a day. Basically, I am taking 15-20 enzymes per day. I also have been wearing a very special zapper for well over 3 weeks now. I can only tell you that the download I have gotten about the parasitic problem has been beyond powerful.

I believe that when we harbor parasites inside of us, we are also under the influence of their energetic field. We under the influence of the physical effects as well as those that affect our mind and spirit. As for the physical, the parasites consume our food and then release their waste products into our bloodstream. What kind of a considerate guest is that?

I think that it may be very, very difficult to break free of negativities, of fears, and of persistent patterns without completely clearing the creepy crawly critters from our body and energy field.

My own personal experience has been revolutionary. Everything seemed to shift after wearing the zapper for about a week. I felt much more like myself and less under the influence of some persistent fears and negativities that feel as if they have haunted me for a lifetime! I instantly experienced more energy and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for my work. I also felt that it was easier than every to be 100% raw.

Then...the enzymes. Though my radio show, Food Awakenings, I reconnected with raw food master Lou Corona. Being in touch with him and learning about the medical grade enzymes took me through another powerful shift. I suddenly realized how I had cheated myself for all those years on a partially cooked diet. I just got it in the blink of an eye. It is the ENZYMES, ENZYMES, ENZYMES! The enzymes in our food or in high grade supplementation form are THE KEYS TO POWERING BRAIN, BODY, LIFE FORCE, LONGEVITY. Even if you are 100% raw, I HIGHLY recommend taking enzymes with each meal. My own experience is that with the enzymes I feel rejuvenated, crisper, more tuned in.

The enzymes are deeply missing from our food supply, EVEN IF IT IS ORGANIC. Unless you pull the fruit or vegetable out from the land and send it right into your waiting mouth, you are probably enzyme deficient. The food loses its god-given enzymes from the moment it is plucked form the tree and continues to quickly lose the enzymes from that time on...imagine trucked in fruit and veggies...they are so depleted!!!

You will utilized every Superfood, every Superherb, and all the good raw food you consume so much better with the enzymes. I am so much less hungry and so much more satisfied. Imagine, it may be the first time in YEARS that I am breaking everything down completely and still having energy to power up all my cells, my mitochondria, to oxygenate and cleanse my body! The enzymes should be considered FIRST before any herb or superfood or supplement. Don't take my word for it...try this for 30 days for yourself!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Take Enzymes - Yes, Even When you are 100% Raw!

Last weekend, I attended a seminar with Lou Corona. Lou has been 100% raw and vegan for 36 years. He is now 57 years old. One thing that impressed me about Lou is that he still takes 5 enzymes 3 times per day for maximal health. He feels that the soil and the foods are enzyme deficient, so that even if you are raw you are not receiving enough enzymes from the food to power up your body, eliminate waste, and keep you from premature aging. It is true, Lou looks great and even younger than when I first met him in 2003. He stays in great shape, even though he doesn't do more than simple stretches in the morning. He is also able to execute very advanced yoga postures as demonstrated in this video.

I have probably tried every enzyme out there. Because I have access to the best supplement companies in natural medicine, I have tried them all out. Some are not vegan, some are expensive, and some plain do not work. Many are cut with fillers like silica or magnesium stearate, etc. However, I have tested Lou's enzymes personally and they are everything he says they are and more. There isn't one enzyme out there that is as effective. I felt immediate results right away. A palpable surge in energy over the week that I began to take them. I noticed that my chronically sore left hip...well, I forgot that it hurt. I have been having much more mental acuity. Overall, very fast results and pretty amazing ones at that.

The enzymes that I am taking are Multiple Digestive Enzymes. I take 5 enzymes with each meal. I recommend that you get the 500's if you are going to go for it. Enzymes are available at or to get right to those enzymes

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cultured Foods: Crucial on a Raw Diet..or any diet!

Cultured foods are a part of every traditional diet around the globe. In the U.S., the need for cultured foods is immense. This is because of the consumption of some of the strangest factory formed foods on this earth, but also because the food processing industry really changes for the worse the small number of fermented foods that we have. Sauerkraut is cooked and treated with regular table salt, which is basically harmful to the body. (Sea salt is the best...) Commercial yogurt has been pasteurized. This kills many of the enzymes and beneficial bacteria that comprise the very reason to consume yogurt!

Why cultured foods?
Cultured foods are foods that have been fermented. The fermentation process causes the production of enzymes and strains of bacteria which are beneficial for human health. Enzymes are big stars ultimately responsible for sustained human health and should be given a front row seat in any discussion on nutrition. Enzymes help us to completely break down any food that we consume. What is often forgotten is that they also help us to build everything up as well. Enzymes are important in digesting food, but also in powering all the other chemical reactions in the body. I believe that when enzymes are in abundance in the body, they also play a role in removing metabolic waste on a regular basis. This type of waste, if not cleared from the body, could eventually become problematic. By increasing your consumption of enzymes from your diet you give the body much more to work with for all of these important functions.

Why are enzymes so important?
In his absolutely groundbreaking book, Enzyme Nutrition, Edward Howell talks about how important it is to preserve the body's supply of enzymes. His scientific studies of the function of enzymes in humans revealed that the pancreas has a limited ability to produce digestive enzymes over a lifetime. He strongly felt that a key to longevity is the supplementation of enyzmes through a living food diet, cultured foods and/or actual supplementation of dietary enzymes. These add to your own enzyme "bank account" and assure you that you will have plenty of enzymes to run all the functions of the body and take care of important housekeeping tasks.

So, what about "cultured" part?
Consuming raw cultured foods means getting a phenomenal blast of enzymes! You will likely notice that your digestion will improve immediately. Cultured foods that are raw are easy to prepare and taste amazing. I want to send you over to Andrea Livingston's website for a very well done lesson in making your own coconut yogurt!!! Crazy yum and amazing enzyme content. Check out her video on this at

Let's not forget about the probiotics in cultured foods. Probiotics could be right up there with the impotance of enzymes. Probiotics are another way of saying friendly bacteria and we are just full of it! In a healthy person, the bacteria that is beneficial to human health literally outnumbers the cells in our body. Despite having trillions of cells, we still have a greater number of gut bacteria. Perhaps we exist only to provide a warm home to these guys! Friendly bacteria is important also in breaking down food completely. One thing about bacteria like acidophilus is that it can neutralize the effects of poisonous wastes that can form from the breakdown of food, or the harmful fermentation of food in the digestive tract.

For example, meat is known to breakdown into such lovely substances as cadaverine. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. This substance is the end result of putrefaction or the rotting of meat in the intestines. This harmful substance can be rendered much less harmful by friendly bacteria. Along with the enzymes, the probiotics are assuring that our body has completely broken food down and neturalizes hearmful substances and eliminates waste.

These benefical organisms protect the lining of the intestines. Ever heard of leaky gut syndrome? Without beneficial bacteria, the lining of the intestines, call the mucosa can become inflammed. This may allow proteins that normally stay inside your stomach, small intestines and large intestines to enter your blood...Not good! This causes many different reactions including increasing your immune response to many foods and perhaps to pollens and other environmental allergens. You can prevent this leaky gut syndrome by consuming cultured foods each day. The probiotics contained in these cultured foods will coat the mucosal lining and protect your health.

Consume some cultured foods EVERY day. You will feel how your body is supported by the increased enzymes and probiotics. Your digestion may instantly improve. Even if you don't have any isntantly increased feelings of wellness, you will be doing your body a world of good. When people tell me that they do not feel well on a raw, organic vegan diet, I ask them about the consumption of these 3 crucial nutrition groups!!!

1) Cultured foods.
2) Enzyme rich foods (ok, cultured foods go in this category too!)
3) Greens, greens, greens.

I will talk more about this in future posts, but if people will increase their consumption of these, it is likely that their fatigue or digestive problems will decrease. Many natural medicine practitioners will do a knee-jerk reaction of telling their raw food patient that they just need to "eat meat". I think there are other places to search for the remedy for deficiencies in energy and the 3 groups above are important pieces of the puzzle!!!

Cultured foods are delicious...your body will tell you to have more!
Enjoy cultured foods like Coconut Yogurt, Kombucha or raw sauerkraut and much more. The benefits that you are receiving from your raw food diet will increase dramatically. Enjoy and let me know your favorite vegan yogurt or kefir recipe!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie - Pure Nirvana

I have been wanting to get the raw chocolate thing going in my morning superfood smoothie, but it just hasn't tasted good...Too bitter, too watery, etc. After a couple of Detox Foot Baths this weekend and a constant dose of the Terminator Zapper, my mind cleared and the heavens opened! OK - I might have missed the obvious all along. I took coconut water PLUS about 1/4 cup of coconut flesh from the Young Thai coconut that I just opened...I believe that smooothies with a healthy fat base allow for a more complete delivery system of the "medicine" (superfoods and superherbs) that you put in the smoothie. Hemp seeds, hemp oil, and flax oil are alternative ways of achieving this.

Here is the recipe for a Superfood Smooothie with incredible taste:

1 Tbsp. Cacao - I like Vivapura Raw Chocolate from Ecuador
2 Tbsp. Goji Berries
1 Tbsp. Revitaphi - Elements for Life (
1/4 cup coconut flesh
1 cup coconut water
2 droppersful Maitake - I like MycoHerb
3-4 ice cubes

Blend in VitaMix. Enjoy!

To learn how to open a Young Thai coconut, which is available at most Asian Grocers, check out Andrea Livingston's Raw Food blog!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Raw Chocolate and Your Teeth

I've known about biological dentistry for many years. I had all my amalgams removed, some in '95 and the rest in '98. I have continued to have some dental issues, and I am convinced that the previous dental work has given way to the new problems. In David Wolfe's lectures of the past couple of years, he has been developing his new longevity paradigm. This paradigm focuses on the eradication of nanobacteria from a person's system.

The nanobacteria are like barnacles in a way. They are the root cause of the buildup of calcifications throughout the body. What is the harm of calcifications in the body? Think atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the blood vessels. This could result in heart attacks or strokes. Think kidney stones. Think chronic pain or stiffness. When you look at an older person who appears stiff, struggles to move quickly, this is the end result of many years of calcification in the body.

Now, back to dentistry. David's contention is that nanobacteria live on dental instruments and that they are not autoclaved, so these bacteria are then passed from one patient to the next. Lovely thought, eh? This introduces it right into the bloodstream. etc. My mentor in naturopathic medicine explained that each time you drill into the tooth, you significantly weaken it. Our teeth are meant to remain in our mouths; can you believe it? One of the largest contributors to dental issues is most likely the chronic, and tragic, mineral deficiencies in our soil and consequently in most of the people living in the U.S. Each tooth in our mouth is related to some part or organ of the body. By losing the tooth, we may have effects on the organ itself. Keep every tooth and as much of it as you can!

David is radical enough to say that he will not have one more dental procedure. He uses essential oils, neem, and ormus gold to keep his teeth healthy. He claims that he remineralized a chipped tooth to actually grow back some of the tooth.

I don't know if this is possible, but I find his comments on dentistry very compelling. I am nursing a filling that fell out, and each dentist appt I have tried to make here in Tucson has been cancelled or referred to the next dentist. Then, David was in town and he talked extensively about the above in his talk. Should I perhaps take the hint? It was also recommended to me to try magnesium oil.

The final thing that David mentioned about tooth health did astound me. I have been in on the raw chocolate information for a while. I know it is high in magnesium, vitamin C, electrolytes and much more. However, it wasn't until I actually saw the cacao beans all lined up in the fruit itself. That blew me away. It truly looks like two rows of brilliantly pearly white teeth. Should we remember the doctrine of signatures? A little joke that the creative forces play on us, or just gentle "duh" reminders! That is to say...the walnut looks just like the cerebrum and is great for brain function. The tomato looks like the 4 chambers of the heart the tomato is sliced in half, and it is good for the heart. Chocolate, it turns out, is beneficial for tooth health...Raw chocolate that is very light in the sweetener content, of course...

Thyroid Imbalances

The more I see patients and talk to particpants of my cleansing program, the Body Bliss Cleanse, the more I become aware of how many women are experiencing low thyroid function and do not know it. Here are some of the things women are typically report that makes me think of thyroid suppression:

1) Fatigue
2) Dry skin
3) Can't lose weight no matter what. Eat a raisin, gain 10 pounds.
4) Foggy thinking.
5) Crave coffee and can't get through the day without it.
6) Heavy menses, painful menses, cramps, irregular cycles.

There are several issues that we need to talk about in consideration of low thyroid function.

1) Iodine, iodine, iodine. The % of Americans low in iodine may be close to 90%. There may be serious health conditions that could be avoided just by proper iodine supplementation.
2) Protect yourself from radiation and the effects of EMF's.
Use a BioPro chip on your phone, Wear a Q-Link, and get "earthed" through a Barefoot Pad and mattress cover that keeps you grounded to the earth.
3) Balance your cortisol levels. Handling the EMF situation will help quite a bit. Go to bed the same time each night, get up in the morning the same time. Imbalances in cortisol, which come from stress, consuming caffeine, or sleeping irregular hours or even poor sleep really disrupt the thyroid. They cause inactive thyroid hormone to be converted to a useless form of active thyroid hormone, called reverse T3.
3)Selenium. Use FOOD AS MEDICINE! I recommend brazil nuts (5-7 per day) and Goji Berries are a source of selenium as well.
4) Beta-Carotene is very important for thyroid function. 2 carrots per day will do the trick. Remember also that kale, collards and all the greens are rich in beta carotene.
5) Tyrosine is another crucial nutrient for the thyroid. Avocodos, bananas, almonds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are all high in tyrosine.
6) Consume young thai coconuts. Particularly the coconut flesh is excellent for people with low thyroid function.
7) Leave out the soy products!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Upcoming Cleanse & Superfood Programs in Tucson, Arizona

There are 2 upcoming classes that I am doing in the Tucson area. If you want to rejuvenate your health, improve your energy and sense of well-being, then doing one or both of these programs will make a tremendous and easily noticeable difference.

Cleanse for Health - Begins April 7th and runs for 3 classes

Cleanse for Health is a 3-week class plus all the supplements and supplies to do a 14-Day cleansing program. The results have been life changing and powerful, and you can read about them at

Week 1 - The basics of a cleanse, how to get ready, shopping tips, recipes, foods that cause pain, foods that relieve pain, why a cleanse helps with weight loss that otherwise seems impossible!

Week 2 - How to do a juice cleanse (optional), why it is imperative to cleanse your liver, how to do a liver flush, digestion basics, colonics: yes or no?, group support, juice demonstration and more.

Week 3 - "I feel great, now what?" How to keep what you attained during the cleanse, whether it is more energy or weight loss or a beautiful complexion. Find out the secrets of everyday wellness!

When: Tuesday, April 7 at 7pm
Where: A Rich Experience
6814 N. Oracle, Suite 220
Tucson, AZ 85704

Call: (520) 577-5422 to register
$50 deposit to reserve your spot!
Investment in health: Regularly $249. Special for January - $199 includes classes, supplements, supplies, naturopathic support.

Individual Biofeedback sessions are regularly $150. Have an individual assessment of your need for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and much more for $125 while you are doing the 2 week cleanse.

Body Cleanse Foot Spas are also available during the cleanse for $35 (regularly $45).


Wow! The most incredible potential for health exists and is available to us right NOW. Nourish your body with enzymes, minerals, carotenoids, flavinoids and essential fatty acids that make pain disappear, weight come off more easily, improve your mood, and remarkably increase your energy. The time is now! Listen to Dr. Ariel lecture on each of these superfoods. She will create a delicious smoothie for you while she talks about the superfoods that will literally change your life!!!

What are the Superfoods that Dr. Ariel will teach you about?

- MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON - rich in minerals, carotenoids, chlorophyll and DHA and EPA.
- MACA - amazing for libido, sexual health, hormonal health, energy, and immune support
- HEMP - perfect essential fatty acid blend of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, excellent amino acids.
- NONI - so rich with 140 enzymes to activate and cleanse the body. Noni is rich in sulfur to clear out pain, stagnation, build-up and more. Noni also has polysaccharides to support the immune system.
- MACQUI BERRY - Off the charts antioxidants. Twice the amount of antioxidants as compared to acai.
- SACHA INCHI - greatest amount of plant-based essential fatty acids around! Incredible support for energy.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 18th at 7pm
WHERE: A Rich Experience
6814 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 220
Investment: $12 includes recipes and smoothie tasting
Call: (520) 577-5422 to register!
What: Learn about incredible superfoods. Experience a power-packed super smoothie, get recipes and suggestions for using superfoods, and notice a difference in your life within a few days!