Monday, March 24, 2008

Do you take your soy unleaded? Techron? Premium?

If your soy is not marked 100% USDA Organic, you may be getting more than you bargained for. I have written about various soy controversies before. Putting that argument aside for the moment, let's remember that producing soy is actually big agribusiness. The largest producers of soy are Dupont, the producer of the lovely teflon pan (and where is the Teflon that used to be where the scratches are in the pan?), ADM (supermarket to the world and global oppressor), and Cargill (have you seen the documentary King Corn? See it!).

So, here is the deal. Soybeans are pressed en masse with Hexane, an industrial solvent that is a by-product of gasoline. The 3 agribusinesses mentioned are the largest producers of hexane-processed soy protein isolate to "natural food" brands offering soy bars and protein powders. Can you imagine all the menopausal women taking soy isoflavones in capsule form? If these are not made from USDA ORGANIC soy, then these women may be getting gas from the beans, but of a different variety indeed. All joking aside, hexane is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to "climate change."

Be careful! If the product says that it is "made with organic soy" or "NON-GMO" SOY, it may still include non-organic soy protein isolates that are processed with hexane!

I have long recommended that you vary your protein intake. If you are cooked food vegan, don't depend on soy for all your protein needs. Hemp is a great alternative. I have amazing organic hemp seeds available at (click the link on the upper right hand at the site for my store)


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