Monday, March 17, 2008

Milk Breakdown

During the first week of my 14-Day Total Body Cleansing Program, I explain that the during the cleanse, it is important to avoid dairy products of any kind. Of course, this includes milk and milk-products. Many participants want to know "so what's so wrong with a little milk? What about cottage cheese? Just a dollop of yogurt...please? It is absolutely vital to understand that if milk at one time, raw, organic in pristine environmental conditions, had some value...that small nutritional benefit is now far outweighed by the health risks that come with a food filled with antibiotics, hormones, blood, pus, bacteria, viruses, dioxin. See below for every reason to avoid milk, and all the nutritional information you need to get truly bioavailable protein and calcium in a much safer form for good health!

Why avoid milk? This entry explores some of the concepts about milk. Got pus? Got bovine leukemia? Got yuck?

To begin to discuss the concept of whether we should consume milk or not, we have to ask ourselves. Why do I consume milk? Why do I want to continue consuming milk? Do I need milk to survive.

What is in American Milk?
“One cup of wholesome milk cannot contain more than 50 million pus cels. That’s 200 million pus cells per quart (liter)…A dairy cow filters 10,000 quarts of blood through her udder each day and uses dead white blood cells to manufacture her milk. These dead cells are pus cells. Dairy scientists are aware that when one quart of milk is tainted with 400 million or more pus cells, some 35% of the milking cows in the herd are infected with mastitis. Udders bleed, discharges, including bacteria and blood drip into the milk.” From the website,

They go on to describe the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance:
“Occasional milkborne outbreaks still occur, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance at every stage of production, processing and pasteurization and distribution of milk and milk products.”
“Milk has the potential to serve as a vehicle of disease and has, in the past, been associated with disease outbreaks of major proportions.”

Do we need milk to get calcium?If not milk, then what?

“How many people hear the real protein story, which reveals that the average person living in a modern society consumes enough excess protein every day to cause a mineral imbalance? Protein actually washes calcium from the body into the kidney system, leaving calcium-deficient bones and an increased risk of kidney stones.” John McDougall

“Calcium deficiency of dietary origin is a myth and is virtually unknown in humans, even though most people in the world do not consume any milk after weaning. The whole truth is that dairy foods are the most harmful of the traditional four food groups. They are high in fat, protein, and environmental contaminants and deficient in fiber and carbohydrates. What carbohydrates they do have are poorly digested by most adults and results in diarrhea, gas and stomach cramps. Dairy products are also the leading source of food allergy, causing a wide range of problems from headaches to bed wetting, stuffy nose and even death.” John McDougall

“The consumption of dairy products has been found by researchers to be a leading caus of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes...the high fat of dairy products have been implicated as the culprit in contributing heavily to heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis. The high-fat dairy products are also those that are most likely to contain unsafe levels of environmental contaminants including pesticide residues and dangerous radioactive substances.” John Robbins

“The modern-day Bessie is bred, fed, medicated, inseminated, and manipulated for a single purpose-maximum milk production at a minimum cost. One result of these unnatural conditions is that the modern dairy cow is highly prone to stress and disease.” John Robbins

“The official testing method sanctioned by the FDA and used by most states to screen milk for drugs, called the BS (Bacillus sterothermophilus disc assay is unable to detect residues from most of the medications used in the dairy products today.” John Robbins, Diet for a New Planet

“Four different surveys of our milk supply were conducted by independent researchers between 1987 and 1989. The results were not comforting unless you like antibiotics and other veterinary drugs in your dairy products. The studies found between 63 - 86% of the milk samples to contain sulfa drugs, tetracyclines, and other antibiotics.” One of the sulfa drugs, sulfamethazine is a suspected human carcinongen.” John Robbins, Diet for a New Planet

So what if there is bacteria in the milk. It’s pasteurized, right? “The largest outbreak of salmonella poisoning ever recorded in the United States came from pasteurized milk.” (Robbins) 200,000 people in 6 states were suspected of having been infected with salmonellosis! Also, do you really want to consume a product composed of sterilized (pasteurized) pus, bacteria, viruses, and more?

The FDA currently tests 5 milk samples per week (of all the milk processed) for evidence of drug residues.

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