Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a bodybuilder eats

From a live plant-based enzyme rich philosophy, this is one of the most frightening videos I have seen. This is a great way to gain muscle and send a person to an early grave. The stress on the kidneys alone is staggering, of course, with 300-500 mg of protein taken in each day. Do people really still train this way? The depletion of enzymes, precious and limited enzymes is also nearly unbelievable. It would be very interesting to do a pH analysis of the blood and saliva to see how acidic this diet makes someone. The one upside: 3-4 pounds of broccoli consumed every few days. The rest of the diet:

Large portion of steak, 3X each week. About 8 or so chicken breasts per day, and many eggs (whites only, that makes it better, right). My goodness, the impact on the planet from one person doing this to themselves. Amazing!

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