Friday, April 25, 2008

Wheatgrass & B17

Check out Edward Griffin's World Without Cancer. This is a stunning video with powerful information about nitrilosides in food (aka B17) and their ability to prevent cancer, and possibly help the person who already has cancer. My interest in this video is because wheatgrass contains Vitamin B17! The vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and so much more that is contained in wheatgrass makes it truly a gift from the angels. Yes, the humble grass. In nature, perhaps what appears most gentle is actually what contains the most strength. Grasses are so filled with nourishment and the ability to oxygenate, cleanse and protect humans and animals that one can only be in awe of these unexpected qualities. Why doesn't every oncology ward have trays of wheatgrass to juice? The information is known. There is excellent research as discussed by Edward Griffin and others.

I will be doing several other posts about the nutrition of wheatgrass. Along with sprouts, the algaes like spirulina and blue green algae, wheatgrass is among the elite in terms of powerful nutrition for your body. It is worth every second that you take to juice it.

I do not know how Dr. Ann Wigmore was able to intuit and discover so much information about Wheatgrass. In The Wheatgrass Book, written over 15 years ago, she mentioned the laetrile as well as a vast array of enzymes including Superoxide Dismutase as well as Absisic Acid, which also seems to have anti-cancer qualities, and before reading Dr. Ann's book I had never heard of. It was never mentioned in any nutrition book that I have come across, and no one in naturopathic school ever talked about it either.

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Truly stunning indeed. I love your blog!! So glad I found it.