Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Watermelon Cleanse

The cooling qualities of watermelon make it ideal for a quick and easy 3-Day Summer Detox. Cleansing with watermelon is easy to do, delicious and extremely effective. The watermelon is a whole body cleanser. It has positive effects on the kidney, bladder, heart, stomach, colon, liver and more! I especially emphasize the benefits derived from this cleanse on the kidneys. I have observed through a test that I run for my patients that the kidneys are under tremendous strain. They may in fact be losing their effective ability to clear toxins in many individuals. Why? Protein, alcohol and caffeine all put strain on the kidney. High protein diets are still common in many patients I work with, as is the regular consumption of alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

The results of the test I run usually reveal beginning of a pattern that may not have been otherwise recognized until many years later. When the diminished ability of the kidneys to clear harmful waste produtcs like urea and uric acid from the body finally appears on a standard blood test, it may be too late. One thing that watermelon does is it helps the liver to process ammonia (waste from protein digestion) into the safer form of urea. This increased effectiveness in production of urea takes some strain off of the kidneys. This is just one of the many benefits of watermelon cleansing.

There are several ways to do a watermelon cleanse. You can use the juice alone, separated from the pulp. You can toss the melon in the blender, then consume it as a smoothie. You can add lemon, ginger or herbs. There are some specific watermelon cleansing recipes that you can use during your cleanse. The healing benefits of each of these will be discussed in future posts. You can get amazing utility from the humble melon. Every part from flesh, rind and seed can be consumed with some benefit. A watermelon cleanse can be used to shed a few pounds in a short time. Menopausal women can use the cleanse to relieve hot flashes. The extreme heat of August can be released through the cleansing power of watermelon. The colon is cleansed by watermelon. Watermelon can act as a blood tonic and therefore be very regenerative. The following is the first of 3 different versions of the cleanse from my forthcoming E-Book - "Juicy Bliss: The Watermelon Cleanse".

3-Day Watermelon Cleanse

Upon rising:
6 ounces of ,watermelon juiced
½ lemon, juiced with the watermelon

Optional: add grated ginger, mix in blender. You can also juice the ginger and mix with watermelon juice.
To juice the watermelon. Place watermelon in blender. Blend well. Use a cheese cloth or nut milk bag to strain the watermelon. Mix lemon juice and watermelon together.

Optional: Use a GreenStar Juicer or Samson Juicer to juice the rind. Drink the juice of the rind.

Watermelon smoothie.

To prepare watermelon smoothie: Place 2 cups of watermelon in blender or Vitamix. Blend for 30 seconds or until watermelon is well mixed. Drink!

Optional: Add 2 tbsp. of chopped cilantro and blend along with the watermelon.

2-3 cups chopped watermelon.

To prepare watermelon smoothie: Place 2 cups of watermelon in blender or Vitamix. Blend for 30 seconds or until watermelon is well mixed. Drink!

Watermelon Soup.

This isn’t really a “soup” per se, but something that can be mixed up and consumed as part of a watermelon fast.

4 cups watermelon, seeded and cubed
Juice of 1 lime
2 tbsp. fresh mint, chopped.
1 tbsp. fresh ginger, chopped or minced
1/8 tsp ground cardamom

Place 3 cups watermelon in food processor and blend until smoothie. Dice up the remaining 2 cups of watermelon into very small pieces and add to the puree. In a separate bowl, combine the lime juice, mint, ginger, and cardamom. Add this to the other mixture and stir well.

Before bedtime:
Take a Sea Salt/Baking Soda Enema – Order our special Enema kit from www.nwrejuvenate.com

Digestive Stimulator (Aloe Vera/Wormwood) – Take 2 capsules. Order Digestive Stimulator from www.nwrejuvenate.com

Epsom Salt Bath


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No - a complete fast for the day.