Saturday, June 20, 2009

Take Enzymes - Yes, Even When you are 100% Raw!

Last weekend, I attended a seminar with Lou Corona. Lou has been 100% raw and vegan for 36 years. He is now 57 years old. One thing that impressed me about Lou is that he still takes 5 enzymes 3 times per day for maximal health. He feels that the soil and the foods are enzyme deficient, so that even if you are raw you are not receiving enough enzymes from the food to power up your body, eliminate waste, and keep you from premature aging. It is true, Lou looks great and even younger than when I first met him in 2003. He stays in great shape, even though he doesn't do more than simple stretches in the morning. He is also able to execute very advanced yoga postures as demonstrated in this video.

I have probably tried every enzyme out there. Because I have access to the best supplement companies in natural medicine, I have tried them all out. Some are not vegan, some are expensive, and some plain do not work. Many are cut with fillers like silica or magnesium stearate, etc. However, I have tested Lou's enzymes personally and they are everything he says they are and more. There isn't one enzyme out there that is as effective. I felt immediate results right away. A palpable surge in energy over the week that I began to take them. I noticed that my chronically sore left hip...well, I forgot that it hurt. I have been having much more mental acuity. Overall, very fast results and pretty amazing ones at that.

The enzymes that I am taking are Multiple Digestive Enzymes. I take 5 enzymes with each meal. I recommend that you get the 500's if you are going to go for it. Enzymes are available at or to get right to those enzymes

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