Sunday, June 08, 2008

Angel's Health Food Institute

Are you interested in learning more about live foods? Would you like to immerse yourself in this education away from your busy life and the stresses that go with it? Would you be interested in spending time on 20 acres of beautiful land in the Pacific Northwest? If you answered must check out Angel's Health Food Institute in Gold Hill, Oregon.

Peggy McDonnell and Ken Brown are the founders of the institute. They are incredibly dedicated to the upliftment and education of participants. The program is thorough with lots of time for rest and reflection. This is an excellent place to learn how to transform your health, maintain your wellness, and have a break from your everyday life in order to take stock of the priorites.

The first two weeks covers the basics of why a living foods diet is superior for optimal health. The last week includes a chef certification program with lots and lots of hands-on work. The food was beyond delicious. AHFI uses much of the food they grown themselves in their garden and greenhouse. They use ocean water to mineralize the fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass. The effect of the ocean water is profound. The wheatgrass is so sweet! The vegetables are absolutely gorgeous and so colorful.

Peggy and Ken and all of the staff at AHFI are so generous with their time and their knowledge. I hope you get the chance to check out AHFI or go their for an extended stay to study the living food lifestyle. It will definitely be worth every moment that you are there. I will keep you posted about upcoming programs and events going on there, or check them out at

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