Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Water Alkalinizers - The Latest in Water Purification

Oh, whoa is we. We are living in a conundrum of tremendous proportions. How do we get good water???? If we drink tap water...OK, get real, we all know that isn't an option. There is the toxicity of the chlorine and other contaminants and heavy metals. If we buy bottled water, we drink in the plastics from the bottles and we overload landfills with the bottles themselves. On top of all of that, the water from any of these sources may have an acidic pH. When the pH of the water is acidic, it can be harmful to your health. Most people are already too acidic as a result of eating processed foods, too much meat, alcohol, coffee or other foods or drinks that deplete the minerals in the body.

Let's say a person really has a week where they just go crazy with fast foods. On top of that, they have coffee in the morning and soda pop in the afternoon. As a result, the pH of their system becomes more acidic. The pH of our body, specifically our blood is naturally more alkaline (ph of about 7.4). The human body cannot survive in an acid environment. The enzymes that make the body work simply do not function at an acid pH. Since we are hardwired for survival, if we foolishly fill our bodies with these acid forming substances, the body fights back. It will use calcium and magnesium stored in the body as a way to buffer the acid. Think of taking a good ol' alka seltzer to buffer an acid stomach. The biochemistry is similar to that. So, what would happen if you were constantly buffering with calcium from your body? Perhaps osteoporosis? Exactly. Acid forming foods are a much more likely culprit for the leaching of calcium from the bones than a dairy deficiency in the American diet.

Back to the water situation. It turns out that much of the water, be it tap water or even bottled water has a slightly acidic pH. This is really counter to what we want to do in order to alkalinize the body. Think of alkalinization as a method of purifying or detoxifying the body. So, the latest and the greatest in water purfication systems these days is WATER ALKALINIZERS! They add calcium and magnesium to the water making it better absorbed by the body.

The type of water alkalinizer that I recommend is the Akai Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health.

Here are the reasons that I like this system so much:

- It has a carbon filter to remove chlorine and other chemicals such as heavy metals

- It has an ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses in the water.

- It has the system that makes the water more alkaline. It does this through electrolysis. From High Tech Health:

"Electrolysis is the process that concentrates the minerals thus making the water more alkaline. It accomplishes this by passing the water between two electrodes, one with a positive electric charge, the other with a negative electric charge. The minerals in the water then become reduced to their ionic form. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium have a positive electric charge and are attracted to the negatively charged electrode. This water, alkaline in nature, is then separated from the water attracted to the positively charged electrode."

The effect of drinking this type of water is profound. The cells may be better able to receive nutrition and oxygenation as a result.

In summary, what an alkalinizer may do for you:

- Improve the pH of the body, making it more alkaline, a desirable goal.
- Help to oxygenate the body better.
- Improve the functioning of antioxidants like Vitamin C in your water.
- Aid in the elimination of toxins from the body each day.
- Turn minerals into their ionic form for better use in the body.

Now that I have been using the Ionizer Plus, I definitely would not want to be without an alkalinizer in my home. There are other brands out there, and you can research them all. I found this one to be superior in quality and very competitively priced. I also did not find that the other alkalinizers on the market had the carbon filtration and the ultraviolet purfication feature. Check it out for yourself at www.hightechhealth.com

You can use the acidic water that comes from the unit as a wonderful astrigent for your skin! I have been using this every day now and it works wonderfully as a facial rinse.

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