Saturday, May 23, 2009

Raw Chocolate and Your Teeth

I've known about biological dentistry for many years. I had all my amalgams removed, some in '95 and the rest in '98. I have continued to have some dental issues, and I am convinced that the previous dental work has given way to the new problems. In David Wolfe's lectures of the past couple of years, he has been developing his new longevity paradigm. This paradigm focuses on the eradication of nanobacteria from a person's system.

The nanobacteria are like barnacles in a way. They are the root cause of the buildup of calcifications throughout the body. What is the harm of calcifications in the body? Think atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the blood vessels. This could result in heart attacks or strokes. Think kidney stones. Think chronic pain or stiffness. When you look at an older person who appears stiff, struggles to move quickly, this is the end result of many years of calcification in the body.

Now, back to dentistry. David's contention is that nanobacteria live on dental instruments and that they are not autoclaved, so these bacteria are then passed from one patient to the next. Lovely thought, eh? This introduces it right into the bloodstream. etc. My mentor in naturopathic medicine explained that each time you drill into the tooth, you significantly weaken it. Our teeth are meant to remain in our mouths; can you believe it? One of the largest contributors to dental issues is most likely the chronic, and tragic, mineral deficiencies in our soil and consequently in most of the people living in the U.S. Each tooth in our mouth is related to some part or organ of the body. By losing the tooth, we may have effects on the organ itself. Keep every tooth and as much of it as you can!

David is radical enough to say that he will not have one more dental procedure. He uses essential oils, neem, and ormus gold to keep his teeth healthy. He claims that he remineralized a chipped tooth to actually grow back some of the tooth.

I don't know if this is possible, but I find his comments on dentistry very compelling. I am nursing a filling that fell out, and each dentist appt I have tried to make here in Tucson has been cancelled or referred to the next dentist. Then, David was in town and he talked extensively about the above in his talk. Should I perhaps take the hint? It was also recommended to me to try magnesium oil.

The final thing that David mentioned about tooth health did astound me. I have been in on the raw chocolate information for a while. I know it is high in magnesium, vitamin C, electrolytes and much more. However, it wasn't until I actually saw the cacao beans all lined up in the fruit itself. That blew me away. It truly looks like two rows of brilliantly pearly white teeth. Should we remember the doctrine of signatures? A little joke that the creative forces play on us, or just gentle "duh" reminders! That is to say...the walnut looks just like the cerebrum and is great for brain function. The tomato looks like the 4 chambers of the heart the tomato is sliced in half, and it is good for the heart. Chocolate, it turns out, is beneficial for tooth health...Raw chocolate that is very light in the sweetener content, of course...

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